Learn How To Buy A Fresh Fish.

How to buy fresh fish? Buying a fish is a tough task. Fishes have so many signs which tell that its fresh or not.

Go With The Smell.

Tips to buy fresh fish-Before purchasing anything, we always go for its smell. When the thing smells good, then we buy it because it’s fresh and if it feels wrong then it means the idea is not right. We can also use this formula while purchasing a fish. You can buy a fresh and right fish by smelling it. Before purchasing a fish check, that fish will be releasing some acrid smell like the water of the ocean. If it feels too fishy, then don’t go for it.


Look in the Fish’s eye.

You can recognise a person by looking into his eyes. In the same way, you can find the fish is fresh or not just by looking into its eye. If you are unable to see clearly in the fish’s eye, then don’t go for it, check the other ones.  Murky and cloudy eyes are not a good sign of fresh fish. These things happen when the fish is staying outside from the ocean for too long. If you are going to buy a full fish, then check its eyes should be shiny and sparkling.

Touch it.

Tips to buy fresh fish


You can recognise a fresh fish just by touching it. It is nothing about feeling shy to contact a fish. A new fish will be firm and bouncy, and a wrong fish will not be.

Recognize from its meat.

Tips to buy fresh fish

While buying a fish, check the flesh of a fish. The meat of a fresh fish will be bright pink and smooth. In case the fish is not clean then the color of its flesh will be dull and brown. The raw meat will contain some moisture on it but the old meat will not. It should smell clean and fresh.

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Check the gills.

Tips to buy fresh fish

A fresh fish will always contain red and bright coloured gills. Gills are the respiratory organs of fishes through which they inhale the oxygen from water and exhale carbon dioxide. The gills of fresh fish will be brighter than aged fish. If the gills of fish are too slimy, then don’t go for it because the fish is too old and its colour will be brown and dull.

How to make a fresh fish curry?

Things You Need:

  • One onion
  • Garlic
  • One Fish
  • Vegetable oil
  • Half teaspoon mustard seeds
  • Half teaspoon turmeric powder
  • Half teaspoon of fenugreek seeds
  • half teaspoon of pepper powder
  • 3-4 tablespoons of Kashmiri chilli powder
  • 3-4 pieces of tamarind
  • Green chillies
  • a pinch of fenugreek powder
  • curry leaves
  • salt


  1. First of all, take tamarind and soak it in a bowl full of water for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Remove the seeds and squeeze the juice. Place it aside.
  3. Take a pan and put some vegetable oil in it. After the vegetable oil gets toasted add fenugreek seeds and mustard seeds into it.
  4. When the seeds turned brown add other vegetables like onions, garlic, green chillies, curry leaves etc. into it. Mix it gently and do not stop until it becomes brown.
  5. Switch the flame to low and add chilli powder, fenugreek powder, turmeric powder and pepper powder.
  6. Saute it and when the mixture gets adequately roasted, put the tamarind water into it and add water. Boil the water enough that it makes a thick gravy. After doing that, add fish and cook it for 10-15 minutes.
  7. Your fish curry is ready and serves it.
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