6 Tips to look 10 years younger

“Hey, you look young and beautiful!” The only compliment every woman wants to hear. Aging and spotless skin make you feel unimpressive, and youth attracts others’ eyes. Every other woman wants to maintain her youngness even when aging. Just to keep the youth, people spend a lot of money on surgeries, pills, and whatnot.

6 Tips to look 10 years younger

In your thirty’s you start worrying about aging. As you grow old, your skin too grows old with you only if you do not take care of your skin. One has to adopt healthy habits to maintain their youth and beauty.  Care is essential, our skin also needs nourishment, and this healthy attitude towards skin will let aging slow down.


Looking young is not an impossible task. All you have to do is have a healthy routine and take care of yourself. Other than this, your clothing and different hairstyles can help you in looking young. The dress and different attires can make you look older, but all depends upon your choice of clothes.

Shall we reveal the secrets to look 10 years younger? These secrets will surely help you in looking young. Follow the secrets given below:

6 Tips to look 10 years younger

  1. Glowing Skin

With increasing age, the skin tends to lose its glow and smoothness. Everybody wants skin that a young girl has – soft, smooth, even and radiant. For skin like this, use face powder or tonal basis according to your skin type and tone; it makes skin smooth and adds radiance to it. You can also add blush that will refresh your skin and makes you look youthful.

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6 Tips to look 10 years younger

  1. Add Details

Have a perfect collection of accessories and ornaments. If you have a stylish and elegant collection, it will help you look young. You must go for junk jewelry. If you are wearing Indian attires, then complement it with junk jewelry, jhumkas, and junk bangles and bracelets. And also carry high-quality leather bags and totes. Even, you can wear belts, when you are wearing shirts and jeans.

  1. Add more Dynamism

Try different colors. Add dresses and jumpers to your collection having modest patterns. Wearing these kinds of clothes will help you look younger and beautiful.

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6 Tips to look 10 years younger

  1. Try coming up with unique styles

You should experiment with your clothing styles. Mix and match different kinds and come up with new forms. It is essential as to stay young you must test things with yourself.

6 Tips to look 10 years younger

  1. Use bright colors

Monochrome colors and one color clothing make your body look sleek and young. Wear mint, blue tones, and light shades.

  1. Jeans

Wear dark colored jeans, a little ripped and skinny or straight. Suitable colors should be blue, grey, and black shades. Jeans look elegant and build you a slim shape.

Apart from these styles, you must have a healthy routine too, have a healthy diet, go for morning walks and do yoga. Your skin stays fit when you are fit mentally and physically.