Heels! Do You Feel The Same Way?

Heels! Do you feel the same way?

Tips to pick perfect high heels-Quite literally, heels come around as your best friend, isn’t it? Diamonds and dogs have their places, but it is only your heels which accompany you almost everywhere. There is no match for your heels which elevates your confidence every time you wear them out.

Even though they might often give you your shoe bites and swell ups, still you feel hard to resist them. Read below to check whether you also get a similar rush of thoughts when you pick your heels for yourself.

#1 Whoa! I became a diva.

Tips to pick perfect high heels

Yes, not you alone, but everyone who sees you on your heels becomes a fan of it. Now, wherever you go, you feel all eyes on you. Isn’t it the same way with the celebrities? So, it’s your day now. Besides, all the transactions you did from your account has to bring up some good effect, right?

#2 So many? Wow, what a bunch

Tips to pick perfect high heels

You are never too tired to admire all the heels collection you have. It’s a moment of pride.

Moreover, it took you long enough, many reviews and many prices to gain such a good family of your stilettos and kitten heels. Don’t you think that you could eventually make a museum for them?

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#3 Now you speak, I’m your height

Tips to pick perfect high heels

Now, when you say that your heels boost your confidence, you mean it genuinely. It is something that saves you from all the taunts of those incredibly tall people you come across. It has been long since you gaped at their height. However, tables have turned now. You are your boss and savior with your pretty Jimmy Choo apparel.

#4 New dress? Definitely with heels, yeah

Tips to pick perfect high heels

Remember your Manolo Blahnik, which you kept aside to flaunt at the right time? Goodness Gracious, you bought a new dress which is indeed a win-win with your heels! Can you feel that emotion? That adrenaline rushes when you get so excited and happy at the same time, and there’s no stopping because it’s about your heels.

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#5 Do I feel like cat-walking? Oh, it’s my heels.

Tips to pick perfect high heels

You have broken the bank to aim your hand at that expensive pair, isn’t it so? Then, why restrain yourself from doing the catwalk and showing off a bit. It is something that you earned, so feel free to express it. Further, while others think that you are too overconfident, alas, all you can do is enjoy all the attention as it comes naturally with your heels.

#6 Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of all?

Tips to pick perfect high heels

Honestly, every girl loves to check her out before the mirror. It is them before anyone else even glances at them. And, surely you are one among them. Also, your wow-wow hours increase before the mirror when you are standing tall on your heels. Your investment should pay you well, and that is how you like it.

#7 Let me grab my heels, it’s party time

let me grab my heels, its party time

Did anyone mention a party? You are not backing out, no definitely not! So, you pick your heels. It is mandatory to you even though no one pursed you for that. A night out or a kitty party, you are never settled with anything other than your pretty heels.

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#8 Should I select them daily?

should i select them daily

Doesn’t your heels make you stand out elegantly and offer you a pleasant appeal? You are left to wonder whether you should make them your daily affair. And, who says no? Be it your work mode or trips; heels can never go off your feet.

#9 Confident? Yes, my heels are with me.

Confident? yes, my heels are with me

Honestly, you can’t deny how much your heels adds to your confidence. Life might not be giving you a chill pill all the while, putting you in one mess or another. Howbeit, think of heels as your mood turner, which ultimately turns your chin up. Even your lousy day turns to good with this pleasing treasure.

#10 No, no! They can’t get spoiled.

no no, they can't get spoiled

How much ever you use your heels, turning them rough and tough to handle you with care. You are all the more careful to be kind to your heels. Saving them from being stamped and dirtied, you are all heart during your dance in heels. You would not give a second thought to the idea of putting it to sleep with a lullaby, isn’t it?

#11 I hold my heels like a baby

i hold my heels like a baby

Yes, your heels are your prized possession. You never feel ashamed to wear it let alone carry it in your arms like a cute baby. If you ever perceive the stomping that is about to jolt you, you can’t take the risk for your heels. You take them off and swing it around your hands. Well, it does look pretty much sparkling wherever it is.

#12 Heels through and through? Lost it!

Heels through and through? lost it

Whatsoever the treats your heels might offer you; still, there is something that puts you down. Any striding thoughts about painful shoe bites or swelling due to heels are something you can never have enough. The idea of being in your heels all day long is just about to scare you off.

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#13 Something like a nightmare as the day closes in

Something like a nightmare

Heels do boost up your spirits. However, after the many falls, twists and turns and stumbles, you secretly wish the day to end. You never ask of anything like a bloody nightmare with your heels on, right? Of course, after a full day work, both you and your heels deserve the rest.

#14 For your eyes only

For your eyes only

So, after so many trials with your heels on the go, you choose to wear them out on a few select occasions. And, what better reason you have than to get a glimpse of your favorite crush or love. Don’t you fancy the idea that it can turn them on with your double hotness on heels?

#15 A deadly pace! Sorry, but I’ve my heels on

A deadly pace! Sorry, but I've my heels on

You can run, dance, and jump on your heels if you are very comfortable with them. Though at times you need a break and walk as slowly as a tortoise to prevent you from sudden falls and laughs on your way. Who else is going to look after your darling heels, if not you?

#16 Enough, let’s call it a day

enough! lets call it a day

You are ever ready to call it quits, as you find yourself sinking in misery after a long, long heel day. You come out of your cage and give your feet a gentle massage. You imagine it to be the last time you pick up those heels. Nevertheless, tomorrow comes up as usual. And, you are too adamant to give up on your delightful collection.

As you slowly pull out your heels for the day, it is difficult to ward off these emotions. Nevertheless, it is your heels all the while, and there’s no stopping for it whatsoever. The myriad is indeed built, howbeit you eye the magic that awaits you!