Tech tips for travelling to different countries

Travel tech tips for travelling to different countries

Travel tech tips-Travelling around the world for business or any purpose, in general, can be bothersome if a person is not prepared for it, especially on the technical aspects of it. So here we are going to look into likely nine things to consider before making plans to travel abroad.

Firstly, the network your phone supports. If you are in a public place like any station, airport or even a cafe, you would be able to stay connected on the network to check your emails, messaging apps, Facebook and everything else. But what about the times when you are not related to a Wifi network? Well, then you will entirely rely on your cellular network but what could a problem is that if your phone does have support for the network available in that area. So getting an inexpensive Android phone, to make sure your phone or both the phones have support for both GSM and CDMA would probably be a wiser choice. Most countries have both GSM and CDMA network providers, but some countries are still stuck on just GSM for their cellular network.


Secondly, getting a new sim card. Yes, sim card vendors are there at almost all major airport airports where they have international tourists flying in. In that case, paying just a few more bucks for an extra sim on the go would be preferred. Especially considering the fact most smartphones in the market today come with a dual sim setup so that might come to use in this situation.

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Thirdly, verifying your accounts beforehand. Some apps like emails, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and all such similar apps require time to time verification in case of a new update. But if you are abroad, your primary number might be unavailable during that time. So it would be wise to complete the upgrades beforehand and checking if there is any pending verification needed on these accounts. Because if you are asked for confirmation for an account after you get to a foreign land, you might have to complete the trip before being able to reverify that account.

Fourthly, learning how the iMessage works. Yes, this is for the tons of iPhone users who I am sure are familiar with the trouble they face with the iMessage app. Yes, it is an excellent way for iPhone users to interact as it relies on data, not on SMS for exchanging messages. However the app is still connected to your primary number, so being in a new country with a new number makes things complicated. So the best solution would be to install a third-party messaging app, probably Whatsapp or even Facebook messenger. These apps do not need a dedicated sim card as all they need is an internet connection and you are golden.

Fifthly and I think probably the lifesaver for many in foreign countries, Google translate. This app magically translates whatever is written in a foreign language in a picture and converts it back to English. It also can speak or type what a user says in an English vocabulary in a different language, as desired by the user. So this app acts as a language bridge between people, and it is convenient for people traveling frequently.

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Lastly, we have Google Maps. Download it, and wherever you need to go, it will be there to guide you. There were a few bugs initially, but now the app is extremely dependable. From the little village roads of India to the similar-looking blocks of buildings in New York, Google Maps has got you covered for all.