Various Shapes of chin exploring your personality

Have you ever heard about that the shape of your chin can reveal some interesting facts regarding your personality? Yes, you heard it right! The shape of your chin is an essential in predicting about you and your overall personality. Just have a look.

1) Round
People with these shapes of the chin are known to be optimistic. These kind of people generally performs well at team working but lack leadership qualities. They are supportive and friendly in nature.

2) Short and Narrow
These people are very sensitive to nature and live with the insecurity that the world is an unsafe place for them to live. One has to think before and speak as they might feel offended by their words. They love to interact with other people and are adjusted perfectly in a social gathering.


3) Square
These people are good looking and attractive but are kind of stubborn in nature. They can’t express their emotions and are straightforward. Due to this, they are generally misinterpreted as rude and selfish.

4) Retracted
The people who are having this shape are very loyal and adorable. Though they are not good at decision making still they never turn back against any problem and face difficulties bravely. They are blessed with good fortune and wealth.

5) Protruding
Protruding is the sign of attractiveness and of a good leader. These people are goal-oriented but are also aggressive in nature. They can bring life and enthusiasm to a boring workplace.

6) Long
These people live a long and healthy life. They are very loyal towards their family and friends.

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7) Double
These people are unhappy and unsatisfied with their life and their shape but they are blessed with a good fortune and family.

8) Cleft
These people have a very interesting personality. They have a high appetite and always crave for the spotlight. They look younger at their corresponding age.