Here are some basic etiquette rules that will may you look explicitly charming!

Make sure you greet the correct way. A first impression decides your character altogether, so make sure you get it right.

  • Shake the person’s hand fast without holding on too long or pulling it towards yourself. Respect the person’s comfort and personal space. Patting on the shoulder can come out as tacky, even if you know the person.
  • If you are greeting a lady, the man should slightly bow.

2. Communicating

  • Be punctual at all times. Attend meetings by coming on time or arriving a little early. Call and apologise if you plan on being late due to some valid reason.

  • Compliment the people around you. Your colleagues would be leased, and this will show them that you are observant about the very tiny details. jewelry their work.

3. Men & Women

  • Courtesy says that there should be a mediator through which two people meet. A familiar friend, for example, can introduce two people to one another.
  • Even if you wish like helping, don’t hold the woman’s purse for her. You should be offering to take her coat to the cloakroom, however.
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4. Garments

The right outfit will always boost your energy and mark a good impression. It does not imply that you buy a lot of expensive clothes for yourself. For men, make sure that you wear clean shoes and a well-fitted jacket.