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Well Snapchatter’s, have you seen these snapchats yet?

Studies say, about 158 millions of the population uses snapchat every day, and on an average, snapchat is opened for approximately 18 times in a day. It is hilarious in itself only. What if I say there are few snapshots which are even more hilarious then this number mentioned above. Snapchat has widely used application, and here are few some real talents in snapchat which you would not like to miss. So CALM DOWN AND WATCH THE SNAPCHAT, trust me you don’t wish to miss these talented snaps. Try not to laugh.


Emoji Rightly Placed:

The one who knows about snapchat knows it well that emoji is the best way to express what you are feeling while clicking that particular snapshot and then there come the talented people who make the use of emoji at the all-new level.

This person in the picture has made it hell interesting. He not even placed the emojis rightly at the place but also he chooses them wisely so that it, in turn, looks like they are a real-world entity and then comes his facial expression which makes it look like something horror is on the way. After that, his comment on it clears everything, and then this picture touches the all new amazing level of using emoji in snapchat and that too in the right way and right place, with making it part of horror event of life. Which don’t let us stop laughing? A salute to this emoji king.


Latex Socks:

Belonging to a doctor family? Or ever had the operation? Or you must have seen hospital room in movies. Latex gloves are the major dress up for doctors and nurse. Do you think it is an easy task to wear those gloves well it is really hard task to wear those gloves and also it is hard to remove it? But then what if you don’t even have an idea of where to put it. Look at this.

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This man clicked snapchat of his colleague who put the latex gloves in feet. This is another laugh out loud category post of snapchat which made people laugh like hell. And make us ask, “WHAT THE HECK ARE THOSE” even though we know what they are.


Sherriff Harry Potter:

Me being a big fan of the world of movies and fiction stories. Have been a great fan of Harry Potter and it is easy to relate anyone to him if that person has any match. If you are someone like me, then you must take a look at this image and don’t forget to laugh once you get this image

A person posted snapchat image with this caption after which one can never stop laughing. This was a picture of a man who looks like Harry Potter and is a Sherrif in a local police station. After reading this post everyone will ask seriously, ” Is this the future of products of Hogwarts.” Really after seeing this, I have special sympathy for our favourite wizard.


Ohh No, Not you too:

In how many ways do you express your feeling? By uploading related posts, by adding posts. Let’s consider feeling alone type feelings. In this case, a person starts uploading something which shows that he is sad and feeling alone. Let ‘s see what this person did which made us laugh.

This talented man made imaginary people around him. Shown that they are actually part of his life and then in the second half he showed them leaving through the door. This was very funny. The way he showed the world that even his imaginary friends are no more with him as they also left and he is so bored. Someone give him company, anyone!

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