Types Of Fingernail Shape Which Will Reveal About Your Personality

1 Square

If you have a square-shaped nail then in the category of clothing you must like denim jeans more as compare to other regular jeans and moreover, their black color t-shirt is the most favorite one. Netflix is very close to your heart, and you like enjoying yourself with your friends on night outs. You are somewhat practical in your life. You do not take decisions on risk. You always think practically, and this is the best quality of yours.

What do your fingernails reveal about your personality?


And now we will discuss shades which will look good on your shape. You can try out some glitter. I am sure it will look good, and a combination of black and white seem good with glitter.

What do your fingernails reveal about your personality?

2 Rounded

What do your fingernails reveal about your personality?

You always stay a little bit sassy and more classy. You are very particular about your styling and your role model in styling can be Audrey Hepburn. You can turn out to be a style icon among your friends and family; You look happy when you look stylish. Stay stylish and classy is your motto.

Well on your shape any shade would go perfectly. Everything looks good on rounded fingernails. All you need to do is have a French manicure that will add to your beauty.

What do your fingernails reveal about your personality?

3 Squared oval

This is the most common shape people possess nowadays. A combination of both the shape square and oval is the best combination ever.

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What do your fingernails reveal about your personality?

And now coming to the shade you will look good in pastels, and you can also try out some shapes related to geometry and with different colors you can try out the combination.

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What do your fingernails reveal about your personality?

4 Oval

These types of people are very active on social media; They like being social. You are just perfect in everything whether it is about your nails or your hairs. Your hairs are also excellent and the makeup that you do never goes wrong.

You can try out any color; Any color will look good on you with different shades and of course with different unique and stylish patterns.

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5 Almond

Having the shape of your nails the same as almond then your personality is very much caring. You are prepared for every situation and every problem. For example, if you were going outside for trekking on mountains or something that like you will never forget to carry your first aid kit because just in case if anyone among you gets hurt you can use this first aid and this is how you are prepared for every situation like that.

And the shade which will look perfect on your shape is jewel tones and earthy shades. And the matte polish will suit you. You need just to try it out once. You will look great in this surely.