What Do Your Toes Say About You?

The internet is filled with personality tests. But they are too tedious to follow. Do you think that the shape of your toes can reveal anything about your personality? Interestingly many people believe they can. Fact, or baloney, you need to try out this test. Be prepared to be surprised.Here is a quick guide for you.

1. Roman Toes



This is one of the most common foot shapes. The big toe is the longest, and the toe length will get shorter as you move towards the pinky toe. It is considered that people with Roman toes are very friendly. They like people and people like them too.


2. Square Toes

Also called  “Peasant Foot”, this foot shape has all the toes of the same length. People with such a foot are considered to be very just and thoughtful. They believe in equality and solve conflicts diplomatically, benefiting both the parties.


3. Fire Toes


A fire foot is one where the second toe is longer than the big toe, while the other toes get shorter towards the pinky toe. People with fire toes are considered to be very innovative and energetic. They are great planners, and you would love to be hang-out with them. However, such people can create an uproar if things don’t go their way.

4. Stretched Toes


Such a foot features separation of all the toes from the big toe. People with these toes always wear a mask of happiness; they may not be happy inside as well. They like to be independent and a bit uppity.

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5. Extra-small Toes


This shape is almost like the Roman foot, except for the size of the pinky toe, which is very small. Such people are very open, but, they may not tell you everything either.

6. Warrior Toes


A warrior-foot is one where the big toe is the longest toe and rest of the toes are of the same length. They will enjoy their lives to the fullest. Such people are very light-hearted and do not put people down.

7. Wide-set Toes

Such a foot is characterised either by naturally having significant gaps between each toe or, having the ability to stretch the toes wider than anyone else. Such people are born travellers. They will crave to travel and explore new things.


8. Inclined Toes


People with inclined toes have a gap only between their second and the third toes. They are very calm, quiet and do not like to be agitated.


So now you’re gazing at your feet, think of above types.

That’s’ all!