What Does Your “Birth Day” Reveals About Your Personality?

Have you ever wondered that being the most special day of your life, what do you’re “Birth Day” reveals about you and your overall personality? Does it define you in some other way? According to the scholars, the days of the week are named after ancient Norse and Roman gods, who are associated with planets and certain personality traits. According to one of the observers at Hartwick College in New York, initiating with Sunday, the days were named after the respective planets as follows: ‘Sun’s day, Moon’s day, Mercury’s day, Mars’s day, Jupiter’s day, Venus’s day and Saturn’s day.’ For the other days, he further mentioned that the Norse gods named after are ‘Tuesday or Tiw’s day, Wednesday or Woden’s day, Thursday or Thor’s day, Friday or Frie’s day’ etc. These Norse Gods are also related with the Roman Gods such as “Tiw is the Norse god which corresponds to the Roman god Mars, Woden is the Norse god of war corresponding to the Roman Mercury, and Frie is the Norse god of love, similar to the Roman god Venus.”
Now, simply just check what your birthday has to say about you by selecting your day from the following list-

1) Monday
Those who were born on this day comprises the following personality traits:
• You are a very creative person but you tend to share your ideas easily.
• Empathetic in nature.
• Your first priority is your closed one and your family members.
• You are an excellent negotiator.
• You possess excellent leadership qualities.

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2) Tuesday
Those people who are born on this day shows the following traits:
• You are very energetic and enthusiastic in nature.
• People are attracted towards you and would love to help you.
• You have a bright career and future.
• You get anxious easily under a small stress situation.
• You are that kind of person who saves money.
• You are sensitive towards criticism.
• You are loyal towards others.

3) Wednesday
Such people possess the following personality traits:
• You are a quick learner and you are also an excellent worker at your workplace.
• You have a well-organized life and love to live in this way only.
• You are an easy-going personality and are always relaxed in every situation.
• You always love to learn new things from others.
• You are compatible with any kind of group/person and enjoy their company.

4) Thursday
The people who are born on this day shows these traits:
• You are optimistic in nature.
• You receive and offer respect.
• You possess excellent leadership qualities and are hard-working in nature.
• You love the variety and are a type of person who easily gets bored.
• You possess charisma which makes you adorable due to which you can easily gain attention.

5) Friday
Those who were born on this day of the week possess the following personality traits:
• You appreciate both beauty and harmony and wish to achieve them.
• Comparatively, you are much more creative than your friends.
• In case of relationships, you are very sensitive and weak.
• You have a well-developed sense of intuition.
• You are a spiritual and religious person.

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6) Saturday
Those who are born at this day shows such type of personality:
• You are trustworthy and responsible.
• You never live in your present and always prefer past or future over it.
• You are smart and perfectionists.
• You are good looking and attractive for which you feel proud of yourself.
• You are confident enough to take your decisions on your own.

7) Sunday
Those people who are born on this day possess such qualities:
• You are full of positive vibes.
• You enjoy giving rather gaining.
• You have a suspicious mind.
• You are sensitive in nature and can be hurt easily from other people comments.
• You prefer to live alone and enjoy your own company.
• Frustration is your weakness.