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What If These Childhood Cartoon Characters Turned Into Real Life

Did you ever imagine what if one day all our favourite cartoon characters come to life and are living with us as our actual friends? Wouldn’t that be cool, seeing them as humans and no more a character? It will be.   This illustrator has done a great job transforming some of our cartoon characters into human beings, and these artists at Brightside have been sketching for long to make it look more appealing to the eye. These images below are the sketches made by them, and they are adorable, giving us feels to see them in real life and have a completely different experience.

Timon and Pumbaa

Lion King Fans, you must remember the dynamic duo Timon and Pumbaa. They are best remembered for their singing. The song based on the concept of Hakuna Matata which says that you should live life happily and without any worries. Live freely!


The next-gen idol, Kung Fu Panda, Po is the protagonist of the movie. The moi=vies is all about a panda make kung-fu moves.  He might be able to kick butt but he has a fun and playful side, and it looks like this human version of him would too.


The character that had no words to speak in the movie Ice Age, but this silent character had a funny side that made the audience laugh at every scene. The human form of Scrat completely conveys his hilarious antics.

Melman and Gloria

Another pair from the movie Madagascar, the film is all about a troupe of animals from a zoo in NYC. Gloria and Melman, the hippo and the giraffe look adorable in the human form; if it is possible to get them as humans, they look better.

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