What Your Blood Type Reveals About Your Personality

Do you know that your blood type can reveal a lot about your personality? Scientists have found a remarkable association between the blood types and the nature of a person. They have observed particular traits with certain blood types. A study by Masahiko Nomi from Japan further proved that the type of blood group a person has could reveal his/her personality. There have been a lot of studies which are ever increasing in this field.




There are four blood types; O, A, B, OB. Below we have put forth some primary traits associated with each group. They do not, however, apply universally. Further research and study need to be done before clear results are found. Till then, we must know what has been established in this study so far.

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1) Blood Group O

This is the most common blood group with around 45% of the people in the world having this blood group. Further, there are two types in this group viz O+ve or O-ve.

People with this type of blood group are known to have the following traits: Responsible, on-time, careful and committed.

People having this blood group are committed to their work and are seen to be the most reliable ones in a group. They have a serious attitude to anything they do, and will most of the time follow any project, they start, to its end. They make excellent friends because of their nature, being trustworthy, sympathising and attentive.

However, they try to avoid taking any risks and will take the safest route possible to achieve a goal. They think ahead about things and are usually prepared for any shortfalls that may occur along the way. They do not necessarily like doing things in a new way. While this may seem like a negative point to their personality, it still ends up making them extremely dependable when one is in time of a need.

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2) Blood Group A

This is the second most common blood group with around 40% of the people in the world having this blood group, again there being two subgroupings: A+ve and A-ve.

The primary traits of people with this blood group are: Calm, considerative, stylish and wise

They live their lives as it pleases them. People with this blood group try to avoid drama and have their philosophy about living their life, which they adhere to. They are perfectionists, and will always achieve what they set out to get. They have much control our their emotional being.

While sometimes they can seem anxious and in need of attention. At the same time, they will avoid any disturbances to their way of life. They may look arrogant because of this, but it helps them focus better, which only goes on to support their perfectionist attitude. They tend to work better because of this as they’ll just let the irrelevant pass.

3)Blood Group B

11% of the people in the world have this blood group B, either B+ve or B-ve.

People with this type of blood group are known to be: unpredictable, emotional, optimistic and impetuous.

People having this blood group show great passion in anything they do whether it be travelling exploring, friendships or falling in love. They are internally motivated and pour their heart and soul into whatever they do. People are inspired by their personality, being enthusiastic and imaginative.

On the other hand, they are unpredictable and may seem selfish at times. They aren’t revealing about their intentions and will be secretive about things until they are themselves done with a task. They may be hard to understand as people for those who are not very familiar with them, but once you come to understand them, you will end up liking their uninhibited and confident personality.

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4) Blood Group AB

This is the rarest blood group in the world comprising of AB+ve and AB-ve blood groups.

These people are born leaders, affable, determined and confident.

These people are optimistic and sociable. They are naturally oriented to leading others and would not expect others to do for them what they can’t do for others. Their friendly nature is the best thing about them, but their aim is another quality about them people look up to.

Sometimes, they can have quite a secretive and bizarre behaviour. They feel for others and rarely speak out about the issues that are affecting them personally. Their straightforward attitude can be the cause of troubles for them as they do not try to sugarcoat lies.



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