Avoid Drinking Water In These 9 Situations

4. After Consumption of Spicy Food

We all inhabit f having water when we consume something spicy. Spicy food has components like capsaicin which causes the burning feeling when we eat it. This consists of a non-polar element that can only be suppressed when there is another non-polar element present. Water is not a non-polar element, and it just tends to spread capsaicin throughout the body making the sensation of burning more evident.

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5. Before, After Or While Eating.

When not to drink water-Avoid Drinking Water In These 9 Situations

Drinking water during eating leads to indigestion. The saliva is washed down when we have water during consumption causing depletion of the enzymes required for digesting the food. This decrease causes undigested food to stay in the body for longer giving rise to toxicity no matter how healthy we are eating.

6. A hose As The Source

It is never recommended to drink from a hose even if it is connected to a pipe that gives clean drinking water. A hose can have a lot of dangerous elements within which may not be suitable for one’s health. Organotin can mar the functioning of our endocrine system wheres antimony has severe effects on the liver and kidneys. Phthalates can induce behavioral changes and also reduce our intelligence or pattern of thinking.

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