Know when Not To Drink Water

When not to drink water-Do you go to the gym or dinner without drinking water? Then it is also good for your health. Sometimes consuming excess water also becomes harmful to your body. Here are some tips which are given below to record your water consumption in a day.

Before sleeping


We should not drink water right before going to bed. There are two reasons to avoid drinking water before sleeping.

Drinking water before bed does not give sound sleep:

  • We all know drinking water before sleeping will not let us take a sound sleep. If you drink water at night before sleeping, it will surely disturb your sleep, and you have to go for a pee. Once we get to wake up at night, then it becomes difficult to sleep again.
  • We know that our kidneys work slower at night rather than daytime. If you drink water at night before sleeping, then you will notice swelling on your face and limb in the morning.

During intense workouts

When not to drink water-Drinking water at the right time


According to research if you drink water while exercising, it will put a negative impact on your body. We know that during heavy workouts we start feeling hot and want cold water urgently, but you should not drink excess water to cool you down because it can cause electrolyte depletion.

It may cause a headache, nausea, and dizziness. The people with heart disease should not consume excessive liquid because it increases heart strain.

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Doctors also recommend that water should consume after a workout.

If your urine is colorless

When not to drink water-Drinking water at the right time

Colorless urine tells us that our body is over hydrated. Overhydration occurs when we drink excess water even if we are not thirsty. Overdrinking of water reduces the level of sodium in the body and cause serious health problems like a heart attack.

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To wash down spicy food

When not to drink water-Drinking water at the right time

We think that after overeating spicy food we should drink water, but we should avoid drinking water. After the consumption of hot peppers and tasty food the burning sensation occurs. That burning sensation is caused by a molecule which is known as capsaicin which is a non-polar molecule. A non-polar molecule is only get dissolved in other non-polar molecules. We should drink milk rather than water after eating spicy food.

Hot peppers are difficult to wash down with water. The peppers do not get adequately cleaned with water.

Drinking water After Meal

When not to drink water-Drinking water at the right time

We should never drink water while eating food or anything else. Drinking water while eating something causes indigestion. Drinking water is avoidable because while eating our mouth produces saliva which is necessary for our healthy digestive system.

Drinking water during food also makes you fatty, and it decreases the salivation. In this way, our food not gets adequately digested and becomes toxic in the body. Drinking cold water or alcohol while consuming food works as a poison in the body.

Artificial Water

When not to drink water-Drinking water at the right time

The water which packed in bottles contains artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners lead us to weight gain and enhance appetite. Artificial water should be avoidable for people who want to lose weight.

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Tip: Results of Excessive Consumption of Water

Everyone thinks that drinking more and more water is good for health and makes our skin glowing. But we also know that if something has benefits, then it also carries disadvantages with itself. Drinking too much water cause overhydration and cause a disease called hyponatremia. This disease is hazardous and puts your whole life at risk.

Symptoms of Hyponatremia:

  • seizures
  • confusion
  • dizziness
  • depression

After knowing about this disease, we should not stop consuming liquid. We have to reduce its amount because water is necessary for every human body. We should have to keep our body hydrated not over.

You should check the amount of water consumption in a day.