Which type of personality do you belong?

Are you those people who are ambitious, determined and impatient and are always excited about something or you belong to those bunch of people who are calm and easy going in their life? Yes, there are two types of people, and we can categorize them into categories based on their personality, i.e., Type A Personality or Type B Personality. A concept discovered in the 1950s by cardiologists Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman. Since this model is also based on health psychology, therefore, it has also been observed that Type A people are having a higher risk of heart diseases. To know more about your Type, just categorize yourself in any of the one types depending upon your characteristics.

Type A Personality
• Such people comprises of higher risk for heart disease.
• These are ambitious, determined and impatient.
• They don’t appreciate failure and usually play for winning the game. If in some case they are failed do so then, they can harass themselves mentally.
• They plan their day to day activity and if something happens unexpectedly, then they can be stressed and can suffer anxiety attacks.
• They live a well organised life.
• They possess leadership qualities which make them great leaders or politicians.
• They are goal-oriented and hard-working.
• They are short-tempered and can’t control their anger at some points.

Type B Personality
• Entirely reverse of Type A people.
• They are calm and easy going in life due to which they always seem to be relaxed.
• They are satisfied with what they have and enjoy every moment of life.
• They choose to be a writer, artist, musician, therapist, actor or actress, etc. as their career.
• They are introvert as compared to type A people.
• They observe almost all aspects of life and observe every small detail.
• They usually travel with the flow and that’s make their life smooth going.

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