Why Some People Are Hard To Fall In Love With: Ranked According To Their Zodiac Sign

How many people are lucky enough to have a perfect relationship? Falling in love with a right person is generally rare. It takes considerable time and effort to find your soulmate. Sometimes, it is quite frustrating when no matter how much you invest in your relationship, your partner only seems to drift away.
Did you know that the zodiac signs can tell you how loving or cold a person is? Well, a lot of qualities of a person depend on the person’s birthday. We have ranked people according to their zodiac signs. Of course, we present generally accepted facts and, it may not be 100% correct. But, hey, it’s always better to know the person ahead before investing in your relationship. Check out the list of people from the least loved to the most loved.

1. Aquarius




















People born under the Aquarius sign are very self-assertive and confident. However, overconfidence leads to arrogance. People do not like to be treated as the ‘other person’. Until you start treating people with full respect, no one will even approach you.

2. Capricorn














A Capricorn feels very vulnerable when dealing with others. You like to guard your emotions against being torn apart. People often mistake you as an introvert and unwelcoming person. You are not arrogant in the literal sense, but a loving relationship demands warmth and openness.

3. Scorpio


A Few Make Up Tactics That You Need To Revise














Scorpios may be considered the most passionate lovers. However, they do not top this list because they tend to put all the attention for love in the relationship. Your intense and ecstatic nature might put away your potential partner even in the earlier phases of your relationship.