Why This Cancer Survivor Is Running In Half-Marathon In Cinderella Dress? Find What Was The Inspiration Behind It.

Childhood cancer survivor runs half marathon -We all know death is ineluctable, we all grow, and after the passage of years we become old, and at last, there is the end of our existence. But the fact is that no one knows how and when we will die. And we can say that life is not comfortable.

Diseases are hardest to deal with because these forcibly take someone’s life. Cancer is one of those diseases, and these diseases affect both patient and patient’s family. But when people get well by struggling with these types of conditions, then they are an inspiration for other people to motivate them for fighting with that kind of disease.

Childhood cancer survivor runs half marathon


Inspirational story related to this type of disease: Here is an inspirational story of a girl, Katy Miles. She is 17 years old. But at the age of 4 years, she was suffering from Wims Tumor, kidney cancer. Now she is cancer-free and running the Great North Run Marathon wearing a dress like Cinderella there is a reason behind it.

Childhood cancer survivor runs half marathon

For the first time when she got ill, the doctor discharges her saying that she was having constipation. But Her mother had felt that the case of her illness is not minor, and she continued taking tests and then she came to know she had a massive tumor. It was a very depressing and shocking news for her parents. But her mother is so brave, and she decided to fight this disease with her daughter so that she will be able to get well soon.

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Childhood cancer survivor runs half marathon

Treatment was going on for a year, her mother wanted to make her confident and to convince her for taking her medicines, so she gifted her Disney princess gowns, and that gift put a smile on Kate’s face. It keeps on repeating every time, and she used to wear that Cinderella gown throughout her all therapies.

Childhood cancer survivor runs half marathon

Now after a struggle of 12 years, she is a cancer survivor, and she signed to join the marathon, and the minimum age for a marathon is 17 now she is. During the marathon, she brought a memory of a past struggle with her by wearing a Cinderella dress. Her aim to join that marathon is to evoke awareness and collect money for cancer suffering people.

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She collected $1,629, and she also had an epic moment like Cinderella that moments was while running her shoes were taken off but keeps on running and completes 10.2 miles and her fans cheered for her during that moment,” Go Cinderella!”. After completing her marathon, she breaks into tears, but she said she enjoyed it a lot. She even lost her shoe during the marathon, just like Cinderella. She is genuinely inspiring others at her young age, and we hope she always leads a happy and healthy life ahead.