Why Carnival Games Are Impossible To Win

Winning impossible carnival games? When you enter a carnival, you are almost as enthusiastic as a baby. With all the attractions and exciting games that promise prizes, you do not hesitate to try out your luck. However, there is always a bleak chance to win any prize in most carnival games. Why is it hard to win such seemingly easy games? Is there anything the organizers do to keep you from winning?

Here at Banter, you will know whether it’s your ill-luck or trickery of a game owner who is responsible for your disappointment.

Winning impossible carnival games

1. Ball and the Hoop

It doesn’t matter how good you are in sports when it comes to carnival games. Take, for example, basketball. It’s not easy to throw a ball into a hoop at a carnival. The hoop is either small or bent that it very difficult for a shot to pass through.


It is also likely that the ball may be too big for a hoop. The organisers fill the ball with too much air, making it bounce over the hoop.

Winning Tips:

  • You need to be very accurate as the size of the hoop and the ball are almost equal.
  • Try to push the ball as forcibly as possible by throwing it in a high and powerful shot.
  • Don’t try to make the ball fall in the loop by bouncing it off the backboard. The carnival basketball, with extra air in it, will bounce back in an unpredicted way.
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2. The Rope Ladder

Winning impossible carnival games-How to win those impossible games

In a regular rope ladder, the top and the bottom sides are fixed at two ends which makes it quite stable to climb. However, the carnival ladder is fixed at one point which makes it go crazy as soon as you jump on it.

  • Firstly, you shouldn’t take part in this game if you struggle to keep your balance. It may make you nauseated.
  • To keep a right balance, try to move your opposite arm and leg simultaneously.
  • Don’t constrict yourself as it will make your flip faster. Try to spread as much as you can.

3. Tossing a Ball into a Basket

In this game, you need to toss a tennis ball into a basket. You are given three chances. But, no matter how softly you throw the ball, it always bounces back from the basket. The basket is made up of a flexible material which pushes the ball back.

The probability of winning this game is very low, and sometimes you may even be given a free trial. And even if you make it in the free-try, the ball in the basket will make any incoming ball bounce back.

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Winning Tips:

  • To win this game, you need to be very accurate and careful.
  • Do not throw the ball directly onto the bottom of the basket with great force. It will bounce off it.
  • Try to make the ball touch the round inner part of the basket.
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4. Darts and Balloons


You are given up to seven darts to pop balloons. But as soon as you try to throw one, the dart doesn’t fly the way you wanted it to fly. Even if you hit a balloon, it doesn’t pop at all.

The carnival darts are blunt which makes it hard, almost impossible, to pop up a balloon. The other reason lies in the dart’s structure. The weight of the dart may not be even which makes its flight go awry.

Winning Tips:

  • Always check if the dart is properly balanced or not. Check for some ‘unusual’ mass attached to it.
  • As the tips are not sharp, you need to throw the dart as fast and powerfully as you can.
  • It is easier to pop well-blown balloons than those with less air.

5. Tossing Rings

You need to toss a ring on any of the bottles. At first glance, it seems an easy task given the number of bottles. You feel like there is a reasonable probability of winning the game. However, the size of a ring is only a bit larger than the neck of the bottle. Also, the ring is of hard plastic which makes it bounce off very easily.

Winning Tips:

  • Try make toss the ring smoothly and accurately.
  • Try to spin the ring as it will make it revolve around the bottleneck rather than bounce off from it.

6. The Bottle-Pyramid

Winning impossible carnival games-How to win those impossible games

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There are two reasons for it- One, the ball is very light. Two, the bottles are quite hard and filled with sand which makes them heavier.

Winning Tips:

  • Ask the host that you want to check the bottle. Chances are they won’t let you hold them. If that’s the case, don’t play the game at all.
  • Try to throw the ball with a powerful force and in between the lower two bottles as shown in the picture.


How many of the above games have you won? Share with your friends and find out if they too have been scammed.

Note: This article provides general information to people regarding the carnival games. If you aim to win, then we advise you not to take part in such competitions. On the other hand, if you like challenges or take part for fun, then go ahead and enjoy the carnivals.