Putting on the right shoes is an essential part of your clothing and it could speak volumes about you. The color should match your pants or should be darker. A lady pays a lot of attention to your footwear.


8. Henley shirt

The woman completely loves this clothing on men

Henley shirts never get out of fashion. Athletes and Hollywood stars wear these a lot and know that a collarless shirt looks too sexy for most women.

7. White shirt and jeans

The woman completely loves this clothing on men

No one can go wrong with a white shirt and jeans. It will make you look handsome, no denying to that!

6. V-neck sweaters

The woman completely loves this clothing on men

V-neck sweaters never really go out of style. It makes you look disciplined and well-mannered. It makes you look as if you care for yourself well.

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5. Rolled-up sleeves with a skinny tie

The woman completely loves this clothing on men

For looking appealing, this has to be the best combination. Tie and rolled up sleeves gives you an off-duty look and it seems as if work is not the only thing that you get to the table.

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4. A tailored suit

Woman completely love this clothing on men

A well-fitted suit is truly classy, and it never gets out of style. It makes you look polished and works out for every man. A man who can present himself well in a suit is a dream come true for most women.

3. Tasteful accessories

Good choice of accessories is entirely in vogue. They make you look edgy and romantic, and the girls find it really hot.

2. Hats

The perfect hat won’t just lift your spirits but also transform our entire outfit, making you stand out. Pick the right hat and get set to drag some attention from the girls.

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1. Well-groomed look

No matter how right clothes a man wears, he is not attractive if he does not look tidy. He makes a great impression when he seems clean, spic and span. Women would definitely like him in such cases.