World’s Largest Investors Will Gather in Dubai

World’s largest investors will gather in Dubai-The members of the Global Investment Leaders Club, which consist of leaders of the investment industry will hold their next meeting within X Special Private Investment Forum
Worldwide on the 26th of February 2019.

The heads of investment companies, Royal and family offices will meet to discuss global investment risks in 2020 during the Round table discussion, have personal meetings with
each other and exchange personal experience during informal conversations. The Special
Private Investment Forum Worldwide will last for one day, on the 26th of February 2019 in
the lavish Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai. During the forum, the best investment projects and
service providers will be presented to the participants.

The Private Investment Forum Worldwide is well known for its exclusivity, as it targets
representatives of the global financial and investment elite and aimed to maintain personal,
trustworthy and friendly relationships between them. For this purpose, an exclusive app
‘Connecting Leaders’ is used, which allows the Club members and Forum participants to
establish instant direct contact with any decision-maker in the world and prearrange personal
meetings. Participants will conduct more than 700 private sessions in a secure and
comfortable atmosphere.


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According to the opinion of MD and CEO at KPM Asset, Anirudh
Tripathy, the ‘Connecting Leaders’ app is a success key to the event:” It helps to know who
you meet beforehand, see their projects, and background, so you don’t have a blind date.
Instead, it is a prearranged business meeting, which ensures a much higher success rate.”
Among the participants will be:

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World’s Largest Investors Will Gather in Dubai
– H.E. Fahed Bin Al Shaikh, Deputy Chairman of Autism Trust Foundation, UAE
– Wees Abraham, Managing Partner at Shade Corporation Ltd. (Family Office), Saudi Arabia
– Syed Sameer Ahmed, Chairman of Provenio group, India
– Hernani Ferreira, CEO at HEPC CAPITAL, Sweden
– Tristan Zhang, Partner & Managing Director at Helix Capital, USA
– and many others.

To learn more about the participants of the Private Investment Forum Worldwide, get an
opportunity to connect with them and to see more media and information
visit https://connectingleaders.app
About the Private Investment Forum

The Private Investment Forum Worldwide is a get together for the members of the Global
Investment Leaders Club. It carries out in the most important financial capitals of the world
such as Dubai, Zurich, Nice, Monaco, and others.

At the very heart of the Private Investment Forum Worldwide are personal meetings between
companies’ leaders. To make these meetings result in expanding the strategic needed
contacts, organizers have a unique app ‘Connecting Leaders’, personally introduce
participants to each other, and provide a comfortable place for private.
The official website of the Forum is https://pif.events