Xiaomi’s plan for 2019




What is the highest selling smartphone in India? Everybody in India knows that it is probably a Xiaomi device. That is the kind of impact that this Chinese smartphone manufacturer has left on India since its launch in this foreign country. But what Xiaomi has been planning for a long time is to extend their business to the United States. The Beijing origin company has recently entered the UK market and as per recent news, they will continue their business to the United States of America too in the next year. Xiaomi launched an online store in 2015, but none of their smartphones was formally available in the country.

The senior vice president of Xiaomi made an announcement that their engineering resources are working to make devices compatible with the US carriers.  He said in his statement “Next year we hope we can do something there”, with there referring to the United States.

Back in April, the US Department of Commerce put a ban on American companies selling products to ZTE for at least seven years. The reason behind this is an alleged violation of the terms of sanctions violation case.

Looking at the tension between China and the US regarding these recent bans Xiaomi was initially worried about their future position in the States. However, Xiaomi already has good relations with the American chipset manufacturer giant Qualcomm and Alphabet, so things should be smoother for them as compared to ZTE, the Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer. On top of it, the company also revealed that they have a vast number of investors from the United States.

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The company has not yet set foot on the United States, but they are blatant with their intentions. Especially after the company’s initial launch in the European countries and the UK, the Chairman Lei Jun wants to keep extending his company. The launch in Spain for Xiaomi as an introduction to the European countries was just the perfect start for the company to prevent spreading. On March, Jun made a statement for the Wall Street Journal expressing his views on the company’s plan for the US smartphones market.

Xiaomi is also now not just any other smartphone company, as according to a report from the research firm Strategy Analytics, Xiaomi holds the fourth position as the world’s largest smartphone vendor. In the first quarter of 2018, there is a 125 percentage growth, much because of its massive success in India. IDC also recently revealed that Xiaomi holds 30.3 percentage market in India. With everything going Xiaomi’s way, it is only natural for Xiaomi to make a place for itself in the global market too. Yes, it has a long way to go, but an extension to US soils might be the next best step for the company.