What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?

What would you say to younger self?

Younger self advice-Life has so many ups and downs. And each one of us carries our bunch of regrets. Honestly, how we all fancy a time-turner like Hermione Granger from the classic Harry Potter series! If only! Howbeit, this isn’t possible. The truth is you have learned so many lessons in your way. So if someone asks you what would be the best advice for your younger self, from where would you start? Scroll down to see what healthy suggestions you can come up with.

#1 Educate your soul



Educate your soul

As time lapses, you realize that if only you had put a little more effort into understanding education rather than mugging up, you could have reached an upscale position till now. At times, the most uneducated person might turn out to be the smartest and kindest human. So, now, it is not just about your mind but your soul as well. Yes, giving weight to your education helps if you steer yourself in the right direction. Nonetheless, you still have had to sail through all your exams. It is useful in the long run, and later you can decide for yourself which path to choose.

#2 Make the most of the time, learn some art

Younger Self Advice-What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?

Art is one area that you might have looked over in your salad days. Developing a new skill in the form of sport, dance, music, photography, language and more is something that juices up your messy adulthood. And the earlier you start, the better you are at it, and nowhere far from the best. Learning has no age bar, but still, childhood is the best age to learn. You can grasp whatever you learn very quickly, and you get a forever feeling. Forget who stays with you as years pass by, your talent does, and that is what ultimately matters.

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#3 Move on from your 1% syndrome

Younger Self Advice-What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?

It is very likely to keep cribbing about your high school and university grades if you are one among the nerds. It would be a good go for you to appreciate that marks do count, but it is not everything. The idea is not to excel in every step you take but to move on with contentment in your heart. You have to have the hack and knack to balance your academics with your sports, traveling, and musing. Take it easy, and life will make it easy for you in return. Never do lose that winning curve from your lips!

#4 Superhero is fiction, not real

Younger Self Advice-What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?

You carry forward what you understood in your younger age to your full bloom. And, therefore, the imagination of superheroes and supervillains stays put in your minds. As you face reality, you gradually comprehend that these characters are limited to your cartoon network and not out of it. Neither your parents nor your crush nor fame nor friends belong to the superhero league. They are all living an exceedingly ordinary life as you do, making mistakes, and moving ahead in the race.

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#5 That was just a passing fancy get over it

Younger Self Advice-What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?

Your heart skips a beat, your head keeps on pounding, your knees are wobbly, and you are all gaga. Well, hold on! Are you sure you are looking towards the right person? Because, all these things do not occur when you see your parents, friends, and pet. You love them too, right? Sit back and analyze. The one you wish to share your whole life with shouldn’t be one who makes you rickety. Instead, the one who makes you feel calm and comfortable. So, ignore the wrong ones. There is no point in being a crybaby for the unsuitable match. Wait with patience for the right time and the right person. Easy, there are more things to focus on.

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#6 Speed thrills, but kills

Younger Self Advice-What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?

Now, you are off your age and wish to try something out of the mundane. The drinks, the cigar, the lame love all seem so impulsive and thrilling. On the same note, before making a move into them, you should confront yourself at least once. Whether this is something you wish to do at the moment or can it be put off until you become more mature enough to have second thoughts about it. Whatever your heart says, do accordingly. Ultimately, you are the master of your own life. No one to blame. All in all, old habits die hard!

#7 Muster your courage, say no

Younger Self Advice-What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?

It is not easy to say no so much so to nod a yes. Saying no to a few things or people won’t make you feel low and weak. On the contrary, it might eventually help you rise. Rise with dignity. Anyways, you won’t be rewarded for being nice all the while. Remember, people generally do tittle-tattle about your one fault out of the many goods. All you need to know is who has your back and turn a deaf ear to the rest. For, in the end, you only have to report to the Creator, and not the creatures.

#8 Eat right, sleep tight

Eat right, sleep tight


Yeah, this goes along with the adage. Be that as it may, you have to eat food for your body and your soul. A healthy mind makes a healthy you. That doesn’t mean that you have to live to eat, but enjoy your delicacies and eat to live. And you don’t need to give in to all your hunger pangs. Sometimes, a little sleep does all the magic. Eating healthy and sleeping right will, on the whole, direct you to live active and staying fit. This fact can work miracles even for a late-night owl as you may be.

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#9 Figure out what money is

Figure out what money is

Money is something that we take for granted. It is here today, and gone tomorrow, they say. Still, use it to satisfy your necessity and not your greed. Because spending your parents’ money on your essentials is much different from being prodigal with it. Don’t take shortcuts to make money. Be a science student or art, but master the flair to save and invest. Control the money, lest money controls you and screws up your life.

#10 All’s well that ends well

All's well that ends well

You might be in the thinking that everything goes wide of the mark with you and your life suck. Breathe, and don’t get disappointed. When all is said and done, you still have a second chance. To do what you want to do, to do the way you want to do, and to repair and mend your bygone self. As the heartthrob of Bollywood (King Khan) himself proclaims that it is not the end of the story, there is more to it!

By and by, these were some of the most common survival tips that you would want to give to your younger self. You can add to the list all the extras in your memory.