Your Favourite Emoji reveals this about your Personality |

Your Favourite Emoji reveals this about your Personality

Have you ever observed that one emoji which you use frequently in your texts? I guess no but do you know that one favorite emoji of yours can reveal a lot about you and your overall personality. Emoji’s or emoticons serve the purpose of expressing one’s emotions through pictorial representation or these stickers. They can precise your text and also provides an accurate meaning out of it.
That’s how they help us in exploring much more about our personality. For example, if we use sad emoji’s this tells that we might have a pessimistic personality or vice versa for happy faces. Just check out the following article and know more about your personality-

Scientists performed an experiment in which they prepared a questionnaire through which the researchers asked students about themselves. Later on, they had a text conversation with them in which they observed that one emoji which is frequently used by them. Finally, they took screenshots of student’s Facebook profile and had a 10-minute conversation via Facebook messenger.

They observed that people who have an amazingly friendly and positive personality will use happy faces emoji’s or like and agreeable emoji’s more frequently whereas those people who have just opposite personality uses sad emoji.
While there are some people who do not use emoji’s at all instead they use a special way of communication with others. They can especially help themselves through a normal conversation when there is a wide range of subjects to be discussed and the degree of complexity is very much high. Facebook, Tumblr etc offer great examples for this.

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Researchers also observed that the use of emoticons are more on social media platforms which are much popular and non-professional such as Facebook, Whatsapp etc. whereas these emoji are not used at sites such as Gmail and other sites which are used for the professional purpose only.
It has been found that the participants enjoy using these emoticons and believe it to be the simplest way of communicating and expressing themselves. Some studies have even found that emoji can help those who are having poor social skills or a learning disability in communicating with others in a virtual environment.

However, this study doesn’t help completely in revealing the actual personality as it just resulted in a basic idea about the participants. As it was restricted to a certain limit it might be possible that increasing the area of study may result in some differences.



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