Your Future Lies Hidden In The Path You Choose.


Do you know that your preference towards certain things determines your personality? Want to know how? Read this insightful article.

Choose a path from the below picturesque options. Now scroll down to see what your preference reveals about your personality.



Did you choose your option? Now check the corresponding image. Enjoy!

1. The Strategist

Your nature is as straight as the path in this picture. You are a realist and ‘strategy’ is very important in your life. You may enjoy dining at a fancy restaurant, but you know well that life isn’t just about short gains. You will tread along the most scenic route for the rest of your life. You are most likely to earn encouragement and appraisal at work and among family and friends.

You are a hardy person when it comes to achieving your goals, but your intentions are genuine and realistic. This benefits everyone in your social influence. You are a mind reader, which makes you adept at feeling the emotions of people and thus, influencing others.

You have a bright future. However, do not get caught up in coaxing people to see things your way.


2. The Motivator

You are a great speaker. Your natural ability to motivate people makes you a great leader. Your attitude towards things is very optimistic and idealistic. You are not a perfectionist and admitting your follies doesn’t make you feel down. You also know that life is not about perfection, but instead, helping each other to achieve seemingly implausible goals. The picture doesn’t show a path that leads to the stars, and this is precisely how you feel towards your life. You know that there is some path that will lead you to success.

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At times, you can be overconfident, scheming and crafty, but this is not to belittle your colleagues. You try to motivate people for their good. As long as you don’t deceive people, you will find success in leadership positions both at work and in life.

3. The Perfectionist

You are an idealist with an open mind, and you are a risk taker as well. The picture shows a boat in deep waters. You may ride in lonely dangerous situations just like that, but you have your family and friends which will never make you feel alone.

You are a versatile leader, and you take calculated risks, but be careful with your adventures. You care for people intensely even though you like to be independent. Remember, you are not responsible for everything that comes your way. Give yourself some space, and you will achieve a great life and work balance without letting small failures haunt you.

4. The Specialist


Your approach towards life is practical and realistic. You prioritise your time and effort remarkably to achieve your goals. You are adept at making up for some past mistakes and also learning new skills to steer your life or career in the desired direction. Among all the pictures, you chose this one because it provides the easiest and straightforward path towards success. While others may struggle trying to climb a mountain or riding in a boat, you will be enjoying the warmth of sunset at a beach.

Making up for your mistakes or weaknesses and strengthening your skills for the best is what you love to do. You do not bother to be best at everything but a certain few in which you desire to excel. You are probably a master in your field. However, try to step out of your limited zone and try something new whenever you start to feel life as a monotonous journey.

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5. The Critic


Everyone knows that you are an intuitive, innovative and an insightful fellow. You always follow up the latest news and views around and get distracted with so much happening around the world. You chose this picture because you have a lot of questions about it: Is it the Golden Gate Bridge or a similar bridge somewhere in the world? Is that smog or cloud enveloping the bridge? You are naturally curious.

Whether at your job, home or a random place, you are always inquisitive about things. Your thirst for knowledge makes you a perfect academic, judge or a quiz-show contestant. But you need to relax a bit, set some time for yourself and for once a while have fun with your friends and family instead of always having debates about the politics. Don’t get frustrated if you miss the news sometimes; there is so much trivia in the world which is not as important as spending some time with the loved ones.

6. The Visionary


An imaginative person, you make sure that your creative ideas come true. You are an audacious person as you are not afraid of taking huge risks. Your decisions are bold, and your ethics towards your work ensures you achieve great success. You chose this picture because your imagination is as vast as this sea. Your plans are very detailed. You have already pictured certain creative things in this picture. You may have even planned to take a trip to the sea.

Whatever the project you work on, you make sure that that you give your best. You often overwork to let your creative ideas pour in. Just remember to relax a bit and let your friends and family become a part of your creative ideas. You will not feel overburdened and tired when there is someone happily willing to help you.

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7. The Philosopher


Exactly, your attitude towards things is as of a philosopher. You have deep introspective thinking. Like this road snaking its way along a foggy, wooded mountainside, you know that the most beautiful and astounding experiences come from the journey itself and not the destination. You have a critical way of thinking, and you even challenge your own flaws to become a better being.

You carefully and analytically observe the world. You think twice before you speak. Try not to be afraid of apparently being wrong. Share your feelings and observations with your colleagues more often and try to explain your findings precisely in the most simplistic way. Not all the people understand the world in your way. They may have a different attitude towards the things around.

8. The Architect

You are an ingenious and inventive person. Your ideas are remarkably creative and appealing. Your creative mind draws you to work on the most complex and abstract concepts. You chose this picture among all the other because you like places where nature and architecture of all kinds merge. You want a place where you can create and design things that would make people marvel at.

You always test new ideas and work on them until you achieve the most satisfying design. You may often find that you are not getting much done, but don’t get frustrated. Success is not achieved in just one try; one fails many times before reaching the pinnacle. Look out for a field that needs your imaginative mind. And always pen down your ideas even if you don’t find any apparent ‘good’ in them.


So what did your choice reveal about you? If you were delighted with the article, share with your friends.