Your Nail shape can tell about your personality

It is the human that can hide secrets from others. Apart from keeping secrets, what if I say a human’s personality is also something that cannot be revealed. We have been trying since old times to learn about one’s character, but secrets are still hidden. Many factors influence our personality. Palmistry, astrology and others are the disciplines that the human-created, to know their hidden character. The way we talk, walk our eyes our smile, and many factors are present that speak about our personality. Palmistry and astrology have a different effect. People nowadays go to astrologers to know about themselves and what is suitable for them.

People have a great belief in astrologers and tarot card readers or palm readers. But there is something different than a scientist from Nigeria claimed. The scientist chose an unusual object of study, and he figured out how the shape of our nails affects our personality. Isn’t this strange? But, it is incredible to know that how our body reflects our nature.


Now, you would have started to check your nail shape and will be eagerly waiting for the answers. Scroll and check out the answers

  1. Broad and Rectangular Nails

Your personality reflects the leader in you. People who have broad and long nails have all the leadership qualities. They are honest and are responsible for their actions.

  1. Small and Square Nails

Somebody who is passionate and shows strong feeling for something, these kinds of people are aggressive, and their splash of energy sometimes can be mighty and turn out to be an explosion.

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  1. Long and Narrow

People of these kind love to have a luxurious life. They are egoistic too. They cannot tolerate the low caste treatment.

  1. Short Nails

Perfect kind of people has this nail shape. They are all perfect and do have a desire to attain the best in life. They can be quite demanding too.

  1. Almond Shaped Nails

These kinds of people are sensitive and tender. They are the ones who care about others feelings first and then their own.

  1. Triangle

These people are tender and vulnerable. They search for fame and popularity. They have a different approach to face failures, and I can be painful.

So, what does your nail shape tell about your personality?