Effects Of Your Insecurity On Your Child and You

Your nature affects your child and you-Your insecure nature is not suitable for you as well as your child. This nature of yours can make your child depress, and he/she may also lose confidence in their own. So it is vital to realize that your insecure nature is ruining your child’s life and your life too. Given below are some of the points which will make you understand how bad can your timid nature affects your child’s and your life.

Don’t force your child to be like you


Every human being is different. Every human being has a different point of views, emotions, perceptions, and beliefs. Generally, parents force their children to be like them which is not right on their part. Their children have a different point of view and knowledge which they want to express, but due to your forceful actions, they are unable to show those. Ultimately this results in losing the confidence of a child.

For instance, you want your child to be social, and your child likes to be introvert, then your actions will affect your child, and he may lose his confidence.

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If you don’t like something, then your children don’t have the permission to feel right about it.

If you don’t like something, then you expect the same from your child. Let if suppose if you don’t want the way they look, their job or any other thing m. Then you expect that your child should also dislike it which is entirely wrong. They also have feelings and beliefs which you are compressing down. Ultimately this may also result in losing the confidence of your child.

Your child’s talents and strengths are ignored because of your insecurity.

You might be a perfect person to organize everything, and you expect the same from your children. You don’t want them to do anything wrong. That is why you continuously ask your child to do things right. This one might be the reason that your child starts losing confidence in oneself.

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You preoccupy yourself by continually being insecure.

Not only the child is affected, but it affects you also. There is always something in your mind. You can’t feel free and relaxed at any point in a day, which is not suitable for your health.

Your insecurity defines reality.

No doubt you are right on your part. Your insecurities define the reality of life. But you need to understand that everyone in this world will learn what’s the truth is by facing it. You can’t save your child from the reality of life with your insecurities.

You pass on your insecurity as an inheritance.

Your nature affects your child and you

This nature of yours passes on to your children as an inheritance. If you will be insecure about everything towards your child when he/she becomes the same as you, which is indeed not right. Each & every parent need to stop their insecurity and let your children live their life the way they want.

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You make them more prone to depression and anxiety.

Your nature affects your child and you

Your insecure nature can make your child depressed, and he/she may also have an anxiety problem. It is something serious that you need to take care of.

Your happiness permits them to live a full life.

Your nature affects your child and you

Whenever your child’s actions make you happy m, then they feel like they are living their life to the fullest. Because at the end of the day, what a child wants is, their parent’s happiness and well being. Your joy gives them strength and the ability to face any problem in their life.