Your Palm Holds Your Life. 5 Surprising Things Your Palm-Lines Reveal About You.


Have you ever thought about what those lines in your palm signify? In palmistry, your palm lines hold the secret of your life. Palm lines can say a lot about one’s personality and future.

You can know about your personality and predict future without actually going to a palmist. All you need to know is about the four lines on your palm. The 4 lines are the lifeline, heartline, headline, and the fate-line. A lot of secrets about you are in those lines. You may have forked, deep, broken or straight lines as well.


Find out the secrets behind the palm-lines below.

1 The LifeLine

The lifeline runs between the index finger and the thumb. It tells about the emotional and physical state of your health.

Short and deep lifeline

A short and deep lifeline signifies that you can deal with any stressful situation. However, you can easily be manipulated.

Long and deep lifeline

A long and deep lifeline signifies that you are well balanced, motivated and healthy.

Faint lifeline

You have a poor stamina. You get tired very quickly.

Broken lifeline

If you have a broken lifeline, you are likely to be sick or that you may have an accident in your life.

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Chained lifeline

Your life will never be balanced. You will suffer both mentally and emotionally.

Double/triple lifeline

If you have a double or triple lifeline, you are very energetic. You are most likely to have a twin and you will find your soulmate.

No lifeline

If you have got no lifeline, you are most likely to be confused in your life. You may suffer from anxiety.

2. The HeartLine

Extending from the index finger to the pinky finger, the heartline, or the love-line, tells all about your emotional health.

Long heartline

You are an extrovert but at the same time, you have unrealistic expectations from the world.

A very long heartline

A very long heartline signifies that you are overdependent upon your partner.

Short heartline

You are likely to be a self-absorbed introvert.

Deep heartline

You are leading a very stressful life.

Deep and straight heartline


You are a logical and rational person. That is also the reason that you are likely to rebel and follow your own path. However, you possess jealousy as well.

Straight and parallel to the headline

If your heartline is straight and parallel to the headline, it means that you control your emotions easily.

Wavy heartline

You will have many partners and you will never have a serious relationship.

Double forked heartline

You have a deep understanding of the logic, and you are very romantic.

3. The HeadLine


It lies in between the thumb and the index finger, above the lifeline. It is also called as the wisdom line as it tells us about the intellect of a person.

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Long headline

You always think logically and you have a great memory.

Long headline

You are very strong and organised in your life. You are very self-centred.

Short headline

A short headline shows that you are very analytical in your approach.

Sloped/curved headline

You are a smart person. You are opportunistic and romantic as well.

Thin headline

People with a thin headline are dreamers.

Broken headline

You always feel mentally exhausted. You easily lose control over your life.

4. Minor secondary heartlines

If you have it, you are likely to have a great carrier.

5.  Lot of Forks

If you have a lot of fork lines in your palm, you will never have a peaceful carrier.


That was a lot to know about those line in one go. Go out and flaunt your knowledge with your friends.


All the facts have been sourced from the video on Things Your Palm Reveals About You, by Facts Verse, on YouTube.