Your Personality Based On The Shape Of Your Nose

Your personality based on nose shape-Human beings have 99.9% similar DNA, and yet remarkable differences like the shape, type, and size of body parts exist.  Particularly speaking of noses, humans have evolved different kinds of noses.

Believe it or not, but, your nose has a lot to tell about your personality. Alexander Tamir, an Israeli professor, did a survey and found out the common characteristics of people with each type of nose. Find out the ten most common shapes of noses and the personality behind each type.

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1.  Hawk Nose

Adrien Brody and Sarah Jessica Parker have a classic Hawk Nose shape. The curved bridge resembling a beak marks this shape.

Just like the Falcons, from whose beaks the name is derived, you are very observant. You are quite wary of your actions. Your cautious character may make it difficult for you to get along with people, but hey, it’s always better to be on the safer side.

2. Roman Nose

This nose shape is called Roman because of the obvious reasons. Romans were one of the greatest leaders and developers in human history. Marked by a bump in the middle of the nose bridge, compassionate and influential personalities feature the Roman nose. You meticulously work yourself towards the betterment of people.

Sophia Coppola and Mark Zuckerberg have Roman noses.

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3. Bulbous Nose

The bulbous nose easily distinguished from other types by its sizeable rounded tip.  This type of nose is often comically exaggerated in cartoons but, famous people like Bill Clinton and Leo McKern sport this nose.

People who have a bulbous nose tend to be wise, opulent and progressive. Your pals, love to spend time with you as you are full of wisdom and valuable bits of advice.


4. Nubian Nose

People who have this nose shape are extraordinarily creative and passionate. Their charismatic nature draws people towards them, and it’s super easy to become friends with them.

This is the most common type of nose in the world. A Nubian nose is a broad and short-length type. Celebrities and famous people like the adorable Rihana and Former US president, Barack Obama has this nose.

People with a Nubian nose are generally passionate and innovative. Their dynamic nature (especially their voice) attract people towards them. They are very friendly and entertaining.

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5. Nixon Nose

That’s right! The Nixon-nose is named after President Richard Nixon and is one of rarest nose types of noses.

People with this type of nose are known for their bold and witty personality. If you sport this type of nose, you strongly support your ideas and won’t take a ‘no’ for an answer.


6. Turned-Up Nose

Your personality based on nose shape

According to the survey, about 13% of people have an upturned type of nose. Marked by a curved tip, this is one of the most wanted shapes of the nose in the world. People with an upturned nose are considered to be very amiable, optimistic and trustworthy.

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Emma Stone and Victoria Beckham feature this type of nose. Michael Jackson even underwent plastic surgery for this type of nose.


7. Bumpy Nose

Your personality based on nose shape

The bumpy nose can be differentiated from the Roman type by the massive bump on the bridge and a prominent tip. It is also a common type of nose. However, people with a bumpy nose often do not like it. Many celebrities like Owen Wilson and Barbara Streisand sport this nose.

Bumpy nose people are very sceptic about everything, but, once they trust you, they make excellent friends.


8. Greek Nose

Your personality based on nose shape

Considered to be the most elegant noses of all, Greek nose is marked by a straight, long and narrow nose. There are no bumps or uplifted mass on it. Supermodels often have this nose and even for plastic surgery to get a nose like this.
According to Professor Tamir, only 3% of people have Greek shaped nose. People with this type of nose are generally determined in their actions. Their path is as straight as their nose, devoid of any bumps.


9. Fleshy Nose

Your personality based on nose shape

According to Tamir’s survey, 24% of people share this type of nose. Marked by a large and protruding nose, the Fleshy nose is also known as Intellect’s nose. Mark Ruffalo and Albert Einstein sport this kind of nose.

If you have this type of nose, you are more likely to enjoy reading books and indulge in in-depth scientific or philosophical discussions.


10. Snub Nose

Your personality based on nose shape

The snub nose features a softer round tip with a slight upward slope. Only 5% of the people share the snub nose according to professor Tamir surveyed. Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Helen Mirren sport this nose shape.

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People with this type of nose tend to be very affectionate and artful at making people like them with their humorous nature.


So, which type is yours? Do you agree with the findings of Professor Tamir? Let us know in the comments.