Your Personality Based On The Chinese Zodiac Signs

The Chinese Zodiac uses animal signs to determine the personality of a person. It is based on the birth year and not on the birthday.

Look at the picture below and find your animal based on your birth year, and then find out what the zodiac sign reveals about you.


1) Rat

People born under this zodiac sign are very popular among people around them because of the charm and friendly nature. If this is your zodiac sign, then you will fare well in your carrier and social life.


2) Ox

People born under this zodiac sign are strong-headed, mentally stable and rise above the most difficult challenges. If Ox is your zodiac sign, then you will be able to face all the difficulties in your life with ease. However, you can sometimes be very demanding. Try to be friendly towards your colleagues.


3) Tiger

People born under this sign are more on the sensitive side thus making them excellent lovers. Love tends to drive them, and a large part of their daily existence is spent balancing between their dominating nature and their immense love. Though restless, such people tend to be enormously confident and as a result make great leaders.

People born under this sign are sensitive and thus, have excellent relationships. You have the upper hand when it comes to balancing between work and life. Your enormous confidence and emotional decisions make people trust you as their leader.

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4) Rabbit/ Hare

People born under this sign have a healthy demeanour and are very affectionate towards people. You demand a secure relationship and tend to be conservative. You are very joyous and outgoing and befriend a lot of people. However, you also tend to forget people you love.

5) Dragon

People born under this sign are very energetic. They have an intellectual edge in every field they are in. You enjoy adventures and challenges. However, your perfectionist attitude can make you extremely demanding.

6) Snake

People born under this sign are usually the philosopher type. They are full of wisdom and ready to get involved in thought-provoking discussions. You can be very charming and romantic. However, your jealousy for other people makes it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship.

7) Horse

People born under this sign are hard workers. They put all the efforts in everything they do. They can be very emotional at times and may get easily frustrated. You tend to work independently without anyone’s help. Nonetheless, your determination and hard work make you very successful.

8) Ram

People under this sign are the most charming people. They have a healthy social life irrespective of being reserved. They are inclined towards arts and culture. People may find you timid. However, you are liked by all your friends.

9) Monkey

People born under this sign are very energetic. Because of their magnetic personality, they are very likeable. They are quick to act, witty and have a great sense of humour. However, the habit of playing pranks on people make them as untrustworthy ones.

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10) Rooster

People born under this sign are very hard-working and industrious. They can express their opinions freely. The confidence they have makes them the cynosure of all eyes. You are very eager to make new friends and relationships. You enjoy high success in your field.

11) Dog

People born under this sign are incredibly loyal as they put all their heart and soul in whatever they do. Such people do not hold grudges for a long time and, they are very just and rational in their dealings. They have the most robust relationship with their partners.

12) Pig

People born under this sign are very sincere towards other people. They are also loyal to the people around them. They are full of productive talks, and people find delight in talking to them. However, they can sometimes be naive which makes people play with them.